Hey, as the title suggest this blog is something about coding but for those who don’t know what Sharingan is, it is the special art possessed by Kakashi a naruto character, mainly the art of copying. In the anime, Kakashi copy’s the art of his challenger exactly and competes using it. In this 20th era, hard coding has become a bit outdated everything is more like copy paste and solve it, but as they say, copying is also not a kid job. Here’s the Sharingan on fire💣💥I have learned to code the same way. I don't know how much of this method is right, but as far you get the desired output it’s fine(If it works, it’s not stupid). Trust me Sharingan coding is the original term I invented and was amazed it didn't existed as coding is all about copying. So this blog is mainly to teach how to copy the existing project and use them to build our own projects. Keep Coding!

I am an android developer so I will be building my apps and sharing how all these things work. Maybe you wish to work in different technology but similar sites Github, StackOverflow n all will be helpful to you as here. In this blog, I will explain how to begin coding. How to be Hokage in this world. Although that’s a huge thing to accomplish we will go step by step. So being a coding ninja in android our main sensei is…

officially to say the current Hokage is


this is the link to the original official documentation of android development but if you ask me did I went through it thoroughly I will be like no but I have been here visited sometimes whenever I battle bigger issues. So well how all it begins. The experience I learned from


Codelabs this is your kindergarten where you learn how to set up an android studio build your first app practice things and a free playground to learn while you practice. So enough of talking jughead just go and play.

Hey, you back so now you might be knowing how to set up and build your basic own app. Now let’s catch the bigger fish in the market What if you are asked to make an attendance system, a chat app or login forms. Bro if you think to hard code it all hehe grow up kid. So here comes source for our Sharingan Jutsu.

Here just search the project you wish to build almost every project today will exist here and if not a part of it will. This is your battleground here you get the source to Sharingan as well as showcase your own Jutsu code. Clone the project here’s how you can do it

And once you do it OMG! the imp thing glitch ya you are gonna come across several errors while building integrating your project so you learn it through here

it is Jiraiya (Kakashi’s Sensei/Teacher) for our coding ninja’s here just google your error from to do and paste you will get the first link of StackOverflow showing the solution.

So here Guys we have completed all the prerequisites to battle the bigger match so let’s meet in the next post where will actually code. Till then happy coding.